East Melbourne Specialist Day Hospital facilities

East Melbourne Specialist Day Hospital opened in 2011, initially as a dedicated day surgery for Melbourne IVF to provide excellence in fertility care to their patients.

The two-theatre, 19-bed unit has been purpose-built to provide the very best care and support in key surgical areas.

Built with patients in mind

At East Melbourne Specialist Day Hospital, we specialise in day-only procedures. We endeavor to make the hospital and our services as straightforward as possible, while maintaining excellent surgical and patient support standards.

A number of Melbourne’s leading surgeons use our modern facilities to carry out their day procedures. Your surgeon, theatre team and experienced nurses work collaboratively to provide the very best care.

Advanced equipment

East Melbourne Specialist Day Hospital boasts the latest in surgical equipment and diagnostic technology. There is a six-bed first-stage recovery area, a seven-bay second stage recovery area, and two operating theatres equipped with the latest technology, theatre equipment and instrumentation.

Exceptional standards

East Melbourne Specialist Day Hospital is a Department of Health licensed facility, accredited by Global-Mark to ISO 9001 quality management standard to ensure the highest levels of patient safety, comfort and support. We are also fully accredited to all ten of the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards. Information on the organisation's safety and quality performance is available on request.

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we seek feedback from every patient. Joanne Oates, Operations Manager, can assist with any questions you might have.