Theatre & Accommodation Fees

Your East Melbourne Specialist Day Hospital fees cover all surgery facilities, including the operating theatre, day stay hospital accommodation and care. The fees also include commonly used medications and dressings but there may be an additional charge for prostheses and disposables.

Your doctor should have already provided you with a detailed consent form for the operation, outlining the surgeon’s costs for the procedure. Please be aware that you’ll receive separate estimates from your specialist, anaesthetist and pathologist.

We can make your claim for you if you have private health insurance with one of the major providers.

If you do not have private health insurance, we will provide you with a quote for all hospital costs, and it is your responsibility to arrange payment. Please note that these fees may change depending on the treatment received on the day of your procedure, and we will provide you with a detailed invoice afterwards. Your procedure may be cancelled if all fees have not been settled at the time of admission.

Payment method

East Melbourne Specialist Day Hospital has an EFTPOS facility and accepts all major credit cards, except Diners. For security reasons, cash is only accepted if there is no other option.