Information for Specialists

About East Melbourne Specialist Day Hospital

East Melbourne Specialist Day Hospital strives to accommodate the individual requirements of our surgeons, to provide them with a highly personalised service that ultimately leads to better outcomes for our patients.

East Melbourne Specialist Day Hospital offers specialists the opportunity to work with the latest in theatre technology, equipment and instrumentation. We have two dedicated day surgery theatres and a highly experienced team to assist with your operations.

Conveniently located in the heart of East Melbourne’s medical precinct, at 23 Clarendon Street, the hospital is owned and managed by Virtus Health, who provide world class scientific and diagnostic services, in addition to running five other specialist day hospitals across Australia.

Modern facilities and efficient turnaround times.

East Melbourne Specialist Day Hospital opened in 2011. A two-theatre, 19-bed unit, the hospital has been purpose-built to provide the best care in a number of key surgical areas.

East Melbourne Specialist Day Hospital offers the latest surgical equipment and diagnostic technology, with a six-bed first-stage recovery area, and a seven-bay second-stage recovery area. Our layout ensures a seamless transition for surgeons and patients alike, with very efficient turnaround times.

Fully accredited to the highest standards

East Melbourne Specialist Day Hospital is a Department of Health licensed facility, accredited by Global-Mark to ISO 9001 quality management standard. This ensures the highest levels of patient safety, comfort and support. We are also fully accredited with the ten National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards.

Competitive costs

As a standalone Day Hospital, our costs are highly competitive compared with the main hospitals in Melbourne.

Patient admission criteria

At East Melbourne Specialist Day Hospital, we operate with strict admission criteria for patients to ensure their safety and optimal patient care.

A detailed copy of this criteria is available from Operations Manger, Mareza Meyer, and includes:

  • Not permitting children under two years of age
  • Not permitting patients weighing above 150kg
  • Not permitting patients who are unconscious, unable to consent, or refusing treatment


On site parking is available for surgeons practicing at East Melbourne Specialist Day Hospital.