Post surgery care

Immediate recovery and discharge

After your surgery at East Melbourne Specialist Day Hospital, you’ll be taken to the Recovery Area where our nurses will observe your recovery from the anaesthesia. It’s possible you will feel drowsy, or have some pain, but this won’t last long.

You’ll be offered something light to eat and drink before going home and we’ll also provide you with written discharge instructions.

Your designated carer will then need to come and collect you from East Melbourne Specialist Day Hospital. It’s preferable if they can also stay with you overnight. We do not admit patients for surgery if they intend to travel home alone in a taxi or on public transport. We also do not admit patients who plan to stay in hotel accommodation overnight, unless they have a carer to remain with them.

Ongoing recovery

If you have concerns at any time after the procedure, you should contact your doctor directly. If you are unable to do so, you should contact your GP or attend the Emergency department.